Saturday, January 29, 2011

Flipped (Movie)

Innocent and charming.

For those who haven't seen this movie, i'll just copy paste the brief overview of the movie from the internet.

"When second-graders Bryce and Juli first meet, Juli knows it's love. Bryce isn't so sure. Beginning that day, and for the next six years, young Bryce does everything he can to keep his outspoken wannabe girlfriend at arm's length, which isn't easy since they go to the same school and live across the street from each other. Smart, dreamy, independent and willing to stand up for what she believes in, Juli is different from anyone else he knows and, frankly, it's a little overwhelming. What's a guy supposed to do when a girl tells him his hair smells like watermelon or wants him to sit in a tree for the spectacular view? There's just no telling what Juli will do next, and Bryce is one guy who'd rather be safe than sorry. Though disappointed by Bryce's unwillingness to see things her way, or even to see the things in life she finds most meaningful, Juli continues to give her potential dreamboat the benefit of the doubt. Until those doubts stack up so high that she finally thinks maybe she was wrong about him. It's just about the same time Bryce starts to think maybe he was wrong about her, too. But is he too late?"

JULI: "The first day I met Bryce Loski, I flipped. It was those eyes. Something in those dazzling eyes. . ."
BRYCE: "It was the beginning of more than half a decade of strategic avoidance and social discomfort. All I ever wanted was for Juli Baker to leave me alone."

ahhh...young love.. 

Have a great day everyone!


  1. wow I should see this!!^_^

    btw thank you for voting me hun :) mwah!

  2. good topic)))

  3. love love love this movieee


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