Sunday, September 5, 2010

Facebook Games/Applications

Pardon my english, this is my first time blogging. Four hours ago, my brother was doing something on the mouse. He was clicking the mouse as fast as he could. I was intrigued so I approached and looked. It was a game, forgot the name "click" something. He got 60 clicks in 10 seconds. So he challenged me and I got 79. hahaha.

I'm so hooked on facebook games. Especially sorority life, restaurant city and pet society. These are the three games i'm playing right now. I don't want to get addicted so I limit myself with three. It does'nt take me an hour to play a game. Sitting for more than an hour will result to low back pain and I have a bad posture. I also have a postural scoliosis which is noticeable when I bend forward, there's a small bump on the right side of my upper back. So every now and then I do stretching exercises. I'm a PT graduate but I usually don't apply what I learn at school.. lol

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