Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Maquilagem Masstige First Giveaway..and also Huge giveaway Urban Decay and Jane

2 in might find the other giveaway so i'm blogging both  giveaways from Maquilagem Masstige blog site. First, at Maquilagem Masstige First Giveaway. You can win amazing prizes. Check it out!

To join, click here for full mechanics and it will end on Sept.16, 2010. I lurrve makeup so i'm joining, i can't even afford some of the makeup brand. And some of the makeup prizes are not available where I live. I'm from the Philippines,Cebu City province. And the second giveaway "Huge Giveaway Urban Decay and Jane.I didn't notice it until I was reading her other blogs. So here's the link.

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